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This Pop-Up Solar Power Station Can Be Installed Instantly Anywhere In The World

At the push of a button, this shipping container instantly transforms into a pop-up solar power station: Hidden solar panels slide out of drawers on each side and immediately start generating energy wherever they’re needed, whether for disaster relief or in a remote village far off the grid.

—If that’s not good enough for you, then there’s also this:

The first model, released this month, includes onboard atmospheric water generators that pull water from the air. “We’re able to provide water without a water source,” says McGuire.

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(via fastcompany)

The best dressed corporate mascots. Ever. http://esqm.ag/6013l5nT 

The best dressed corporate mascots. Ever.

Top investors and newsmakers gather tomorrow for . For full coverage, visit: .

A new iPhone 6 rendering shows an innovative use of glass material for the antenna setup.

Coming soon: Flights from New York to Beijing in just 2 hours